Music 0.5 and Book 0.13

Here's a quick and dirty update to the Music chapter that includes two new sections on importing playlists (curiously left incomplete previously) and creating playlists from the web.

I also noticed an issue I had when creating Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8 where copying and pasting a full chapter into the main book document removed the heading formatting. This is a huge problem when the table of contents is added since that requires correct heading formatting. So I'll need to keep any eye on that, but it is a huge pain to manually reformat every single heading in a chapter after import. (Which I just did for the Music chapter.)


With this update, the full book document is up to 163 pages, and the Music chapter is now 38 pages. You can download the latest version of this and other chapters, and the full book in progress, from the download page you have hopefully already bookmarked. If you haven't yet paid for the book, please get a copy of the book today.