Quick status update

Here's a quick status update on the book and the site.

First of all, thanks very much to everyone who has paid for the book. This is much appreciated, and in case it's not obvious, not something we've gone into lightly. In fact, it's a very strange thing asking to be paid. It shouldn't be, but it is.

If you did (or do) pay for the book, you should have been brought to the download page when the transaction completed (at either Amazon or PayPal). You should also bookmark that page to download future chapter and full book updates. If you missed the page, or weren't brought there automatically, please feel free to email Paul Thurrott or Rafael Rivera for the link. Apologies to those who did miss it: We'll most likely make this more obvious for new buyers.

(It's also possible that this issue is sometimes related to payment fails. We're looking into fixing it either way.)

A number of people asked about getting notifications when we post updates. Rafael and I have spoken about doing an email newsletter for this purpose and will try to get that going soon.

As we noted on the ABOUT page (and the opening post), we want this book to evolve and meet your needs. Please, if you have ideas about the topics we should be covering, or any other feedback at all, do let us know. You can do so via the email links above, via the comments here on the site, or via Twitter (Paul is @thurrott and Rafael is @withinrafael).

I'll be posting an early version of the PERSONALIZE chapter soon, probably today. Our hope is to release updates regularly as we move towards that 1.0 milestone.

Guys, thanks so much for your support. It means a lot.