Install 0.4 and Book 0.12

Here's a minor update to the Install chapter with some changes and updates based on feedback. When I posted the first draft version of this chapter, I noted there would be further updates, and this is just one of them.

The updates don't impact the page count to the chapter or the book. I'm going to be looking more closely at electronic updates soon, too, and make any required updates related to that. But this one includes a few small changes to the description of Windows Setup ("from physical media") and the Windows.old discussion and adds a nice tip about virtual memory configuration during a VM install.

Feedback is always appreciated. (And this update is a good example of why.)


Remember, you can download the latest version of this and other chapters, and the full book in progress, from the download page you have hopefully already bookmarked. If you haven't yet paid for the book, please get a copy of the book today.

Install 0.4 – 30 pages

Windows 8.1 Book 0.12 – 160 pages