Why $2?

So far, the single most common question we've received about the book is about the price. Why did we price the book at $2? Some have argued for a higher price, for example. But this is really about accessibility. We want "Windows 8.1 Book" to be a no-brainer.

And we mean that across the board. While there will always be those who simply won't pay for the book—which is absolutely fine, by the way—we feel that an app-like price of $2 makes the book more accessible for everyone. Those who want to pay more can, of course, but for those who might wonder whether the book is worth whatever price, or might wait until it's finished, $2 is sort of a low bar. It should attract people who might otherwise not pay. It's only $2. Queue up your favorite coffee comparison.

From a more competitive standpoint, we want you to read our book, not some other more expensive and less dynamic book about Windows 8.1. We want you to know that we're here, we're listening, and we're open to changing the book to meet your needs. (Assuming those needs serve the greater audience, of course. We're not ready to make books aimed at specific individuals. Yet.) This isn't a slice in time, like every single book you'll find elsewhere. This is live book, and it will change, is changing. Not just because it's not completed yet. But because it will never really be completed.

When we think about a 1.0 release of "Windows 8.1 Book," we think about something that reaches the same bar, content- and quality-wise, as "Windows 8 Secrets," our previous print title. But when we think about this book more generally, we think of that 1.0 release as just another delivery. Yes, that will trigger Kindle and Nook versions of the book. But it's just a single step towards a longer, deeper and more comprehensive title, one that will always improve to include more content and be up to date with whatever changes occur to the product we're covering.

In short, we think $2 is a killer value. We think that our decades of collective experience, our dedication to helping people use and understand Windows, and our desire to collaborate with the people who read this stuff make this book, again, a no-brainer.

Thanks again. --Paul