Basic Navigation 0.2 and Book 0.23

Here's a second, probably complete look at the Basic Navigation chapter. This is most likely a first draft quality version of the chapter, though I'm curious whether we'll be moving content around later as the book matures.

As noted previously, this chapter is very basic and thus was sort of a death march to get through. But it's necessary and now, hopefully, it's also done. I've been working on early versions of the Mail and People chapters, so I'll probably be posting a first peek at one of those next.

Moving on. Feedback always appreciated.

By the way, the book is now over 250 pages long.


Remember, you can download the latest version of this and other chapters, and the full book in progress, from the download page you have hopefully already bookmarked. If you haven't yet paid for the book, please get a copy of the book today.

Basic Navigation 0.2 – 30 pages

Windows 8.1 Book 0.23 – 252 pages