Apps 0.1 and Book 0.30

Here is a very early peek at the APPS chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book," which will cover Windows Store, the Store app and various topics related to apps such as account management, app payment methods, managing running apps and so on.

I've only filled out a few basic sections, but I think most of the structure of the chapter is there.

One thing that will be changing, however, is the coverage of the Xbox Games app. My original thought was to include information about this app in the context of using it to discover Xbox Live games, which are then be downloaded and/purchased from Store. But the Games app also provides access to your Xbox Live profile information, and this clearly needs to be a separate (and thankfully very short) chapter, which I'll call GAMES and add somewhere in the table of contents before the next update. Wherever it falls, GAMES will be part of the 1.0 version of the book.

More soon. Feedback is always appreciated.


Remember, you can download the latest version of this and other chapters, and the full book in progress, from the download page you have hopefully already bookmarked. If you haven't yet paid for the book, please get a copy of the book today.

Apps 0.1 – 6 pages

Windows 8.1 Book 0.30 – 319 pages