Apps 0.2 and Book 0.31

Here is a second pass the APPS chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book."

It doesn't seem like a big update, but I had started adding a section about the apps included with Windows 8.1 and about half way through it realized it was super-basic and more appropriate for the READ THIS FIRST chapter. So I pulled it out of this chapter and will hold on to it until I work on that introductory material.

But there are some other subtle changes to the book.

As hinted at yesterday, I've added a GAMES chapter to the table of contents. But I also noticed while going through the apps list for the pulled section that I had somehow forgotten to add a chapter about IE to the table of contents too. So there is now an INTERNET EXPLORER chapter blocked in. Both of these will obviously have to be completed for the 1.0 version of the book.

As for this chapter update, just a few things were added.

More soon, though this will likely be the last published update of 2013. Feedback is always appreciated.


Remember, you can download the latest version of this and other chapters, and the full book in progress, from the download page you have hopefully already bookmarked. If you haven't yet paid for the book, please get a copy of the book today.

Apps 0.2 – 10 pages

Windows 8.1 Book 0.31 – 326 pages