First draft of the Files chapter is now complete

Here is a rough first draft of the Files chapter. I've made some major structural changes—most obviously by (temporarily) removing most of the File Explorer content. And I'm curious if certain things need to be expanded, now or in the future.

I sort of figured in working this one up that the File Explorer material might need to be delayed to some post-1.0 version of the book, and in working on it this week, that became all the more obvious. For those worried that we'll be ignoring the desktop in the book, fear not. That's not happening, and even the initial "1.0" version of the book will include desktop content, mostly around new features in Windows 8 and 8.1 such as multi-monitor and so on. But for this first pass of the book, it makes the most sense to focus just on the truly new stuff, so writing semi-endlessly about desktop-based file management—which hasn't changed that much over the years—just seemed counter-productive.

That said, there are some lower-level changes in Windows 8.1 with regards to file management switching to a SkyDrive-based model by default, along with the resultant (and inconsistent) de-emphasis of libraries. I've provided a fairly high-level overview of that in this chapter, but if anyone feels more coverage is warranted, I'll revisit it. I'm particularly interested in whether we missed anything obvious.

Feedback is always appreciated.


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