As we head into the final stretch on the 1.0 version of the book, we need to start thinking about a number of things. Not the least of which is a name. I mean, "Windows 8.1 Book" is cute and everything. But we need a real name.

If you were following along during my naming attempts during the development of what became Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8, you may recall that I had some ideas about making sure that the name made sense for a series of books. Of course, this book is being co-authored, and I'm sure Rafael isn't all that excited about something called Paul Thurrott's anything, so I'd like to revisit the notion of a series name that makes sense as well.

Back in April 2013, when I was thinking about this stuff for the Windows Phone book, I wrote that I like the idea of modeling this purported series of books on travel guides, and used the Rick Steves series of travel guides as an excellent example. I still like this approach, but there are others. Maybe cookbooks?

Someone suggested via email that we could call the book The Windows 8.1 SuperBook, which reads like sort of a nod to my main site, the SuperSite for Windows. Certainly, that would lend itself to a series easily enough—The Windows Phone 8 SuperBook and The Xbox Music SuperBook fit in nicely, for example. (And, yes, I'd change the names of those books so that they fit into a series name that makes sense.)

But ... We're curious what you think. Any thoughts on how we might name this book for publication, preferably with a name that would lend itself to a series of books?