Bing Apps 0.3 and Book 0.40

This third look at the BING APPS chapter for "Windows 8.1 Book" includes coverage of the Bing News app and removes the Modern Utilities section.

As with the other sections that will appear for each Bing content app, the Bing News section focuses on useful features, especially those that aren't immediately obvious.

As for the Modern Utilities bit, I'll look at making that part of a separate chapter, adding some basic information about these apps to READ THIS FIRST, or perhaps just leaving it out for the 1.0 release. Ideally, each of the useful ones would simply be covered elsewhere in the book, but that's not always possible. So we'll see.

More soon. Feedback is always appreciated.


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Bing Apps 0.3 – 19 pages

Windows 8.1 Book 0.40 – 408 pages