First draft of the Devices chapter is complete

Here is the first draft of the Devices chapter. This fills in most of the remaining content though I've temporarily removed two sections about scanning (I need a better scanner for this) and the Microsoft Arc Mouse Surface Edition utility which curiously stopped working after I wrote about it and before I took screenshots (on multiple PCs, no less).

This one is "coming in hot," as we say, so I'm sure there are corrections to be had. It's also pretty clear that this chapter could be greatly expanded pretty easily given all the stuff that can happen and go wrong with devices. I'll look at doing so, but probably for some post-1.0 update. With just two short chapters to go, I'm obviously eager to get this thing "done" and this chapter was a late addition as it is.

Oh, and the book surpasses the 500 page milestone with this update. That's about 90,000 words and a ton of screenshots, of course.

More soon. Feedback is always appreciated.


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