Finding a name

Rafael and I have spent a bunch of time discussing the final name we want to use for "Windows 8.1 Book." This kind of thing is a bit more complex than it may seem at first, but I think we've found something that might work.

Oddly enough, it's pretty close to something I was thinking about last year for the Windows Phone book, which eventually was named as Paul Thurrott's Windows Phone 8. Which makes sense since I would—we would—like to use the same naming structure and brand across multiple books.

One of the problem's with Paul Thurrott's whatever is that my name is terrible. It's hard to spell and pronounce, and in many digital forms—eBook readers and so on—it takes up too much space up front. (So the book title might appear like Paul Thurrott's Win... or whatever.) More preferable would be having the product name up front. We want people to find it easily.

Anyway. I've broached this topic a few times. For the current book, you can check out This Week in "Windows 8.1 Book": What's in a Name?, and for the Windows Phone book, I had offered up Naming the Books last year. It's a lot of navel gazing, I know. But getting this one right is important.

What I keep coming back to is the notion of this and other books as travels guide ... for tech. Field guides.

Field guides. Yes.

After speaking with Rafael about this today, I think we're pretty close to using the field guide name. Like Windows 8.1 Field Guide. (And Windows Phone 8 Field Guide, Xbox Music Field Guide and Field Guide, coming soon.) It's possible the word Microsoft needs to be on the front of that. We'll see.

What kind of put this over the top was looking up old-timey field guides from the 1950's and 1960's. There's some neat graphical and design qualities there, and we'd like to come up with a simple logo—a compass, perhaps, or similar—that we could use for this as well. It's got kind of a nice feel to it, we think.

But what do you think?

Windows 8.1 Field Guide.