First round of consistency fixes

Here's an updated version of the main book document. This includes a number of consistency fixes that I added to a to-do list during the copy edit.

Fixes in this version of the book include:

Metro references removed. When I first started writing Windows 8.1 Field Guide, I was using the Metro name, but later switched to Modern. This is fixed, and it reads as Modern everywhere, except in the one instance where I reference Metro being a previous name explicitly.

Capitalization consistency. While it's somewhat amusing how inconsistent Microsoft is with capitalizing its own terms, I want this book to be consistent. So it's "file picker" not "File Picker," for example, and "favorites," not "Favorites." Same things with contacts picker (used to be People Picker), frequent and some other terms.

Naming. Speaking of consistency, Microsoft calls the groups on the Start screen groups, but also calls the groups in Modern apps sections. Yes, really. So I renamed all that stuff to be correct: The groups in apps are called sections now. But I also discovered the correct names for some other Modern app elements, so I'll be doing some more of that kind of work later.

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.


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