From SkyDrive to OneDrive

Here's an updated version of the main book document that includes a pretty major change: All of the relevant SkyDrive references—and, as important, screenshots—have been changed to OneDrive.

This is part of a wider effort to incorporate Windows 8.1 Update 1 changes into the book, and, unless something surprises me later on, should be the most time consuming of that work.

Unlike the consistency fixes I made earlier, I felt it was mostly safe to do a global search and replace for "SkyDrive," replacing it with "OneDrive" in the text. But after doing so, I also had to make a few adjustments, including a few places where "OneDrive" should read as "onedrive" in a URL. And it's possible/likely we'll need to make a few more adjustments as we continue going through the book doing other edits. But I think it's pretty clean.

The screenshots were a lot more work. In addition to an entire chapter called FILES, which deals largely with OneDrive, there are various other OneDrive references, and corresponding screenshots, throughout the book. I think I got almost all of them. I am aware of a few path issues in screenshots, and of course anyone who does upgrade from SkyDrive to OneDrive (i.e. everyone right now) will have niggling reminders of the old service name in their folder structures. So we'll clean this up as we go.

There are two shots in the book that show a Setup screen that still uses SkyDrive. I'm going to leave that alone until I can get a standalone Update 1 installer and grab the new shot.

This was a big change, not without its risks. I think it's OK though.

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.


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