Book 0.75

This update includes a copy-edited version of the PHOTOS chapter.

I think I mentioned earlier that the Calendar chapter was the first I had written for the book. Actually, I believe it was this chapter. It's a bit rough, and dates back to a time where I hand intended every task (where possible) to include both Modern and desktop solutions. This proved tedious and in the interest of keeping the book under 1000 pages, Rafael and I decided to focus on just the new stuff.

That said, one of the post-1.0 goals is to increase the coverage to include more complex tasks and this will certainly be desktop-heavy. So some of that stuff will get in there over time.

As for this chapter, I actually removed a few pages of superfluous text (stuff that is covered earlier in the book, mostly) so the page count was impact. And there was a lot of cleanup work. I'd almost like to do this one over completely, but I won't. I will likely edit it more over time though.

Feedback is always appreciated. More soon.


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Windows 8.1 Field Guide 0.75 – 565 pages