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Thank you for your interest in Windows 8.1 Field Guide, a full-length e-book about Windows 8.1 that we are currently writing. This is in many ways a spiritual update to Windows 8 Secrets, our previous book. But this time, we're doing things differently.

With Windows 8.1 Field Guide, we are using the pricing model popularized by mobile apps, but with a twist: We're also letting you, the reader, pick your price so you can pay more (or less) than our recommended price of $2. Yes, $2.

So what does $2 buy you these days? In this case, it provides you with one or more electronic versions of the book in the following formats: PDF, MOBI and EPUB. When we reach the 1.0 milestone, we will make the book available in Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble NOOK formats too, though those versions will need to be purchased separately from those e-book stores. (The price should be roughly the same.)

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